SubTerra   /ˌsʌbˈtɛrə/
Early 17th century: from Latin subterraneus (from sub- ‘below’ + terra ‘earth’) 

Project Subterra is the collaborative vision of Julia Comita and Mary Lee of TwistedLamb. In 2012, the duo met and realized they shared a creative aesthetic and began the quest to capture Lee's aspirational visions through Comita’s lens.

Whereas Lee's inventive imagery spans counter-culture, design, and narrative style through the field of art direction, Comita explores the artform of lighting and extremism through the visual medium of photography. Together they have created a style of storytelling that crosses genres and boundaries in hopes to inspire others.  

Project Subterra is a discovery of innovative, heretical, and uniquely provocative subjects.

Comita and Lee work together to create surreal landscapes and characters that are hidden from this world. These creatures call to tell them their stories in the hopes of communicating their emotion and share a glimpse inside their heart. They are but the medium, their messenger.

It is their intention to uncover the unknown, to provide you with a visual narrative you cannot unsee. There is a world that lies beneath, this is Project SubTerra.